Love’s caresses — Sunset of the new by Tincho Franco

“The Creator’s caresses are in our pulsating and talking heart spelling a single word never heard by all: L-O-V-E “

Now, it’s night. The day has passed, but the clock keeps ticking, and tomorrow will come at the dawn of the old sun. The moon, also known, will rest. In the distance I hear my thinking, remembering the wise writer saying “There is nothing new under the sun”, then remembers that global actor analyzing people’s behavior and concluding that it is up to each one to contribute for the good of all.

Well, that said, think if it is rational to be angry with yourself, with someone or with humanity, if evil insists on happening without wanting to stop. Wars go on and on. Occasional disasters or not today happened around the world, and sometimes, even close to us, something bad happened.

Who hasn’t gone wrong today? Only God, the One who takes good from evil, the One who patiently waits for the created being for him to take action and return to Him. But, blinded by the dust of the road traveled, men follow his crazy journey of selfishness and evil, without realizing the Creator’s caress.

His caresses are in the breeze and the wind, in the foam of the sea, insistent on hitting the inert rocks on the beaches of everyone, wanting to live life for themselves. Are in our pulsating and talking heart to spell a single word never heard by all “L-O-VE”.

Author: Jota Oliveira — Translated by Anderson